Commercial Scaffolding

Our commercial and industrial scaffolding services facilitate the development of new properties, tall building maintenance, building restoration, and safe access for installation projects.

Supporting Local Businesses

At Brennan Scaffolding, we have extensive experience providing scaffolding solutions for some of Birmingham’s biggest infrastructures. This includes:

We will work with you and your plans. Safely and efficiently erect scaffolding, ensuring their stability and compliance with safety regulations. We will then dismantle scaffolding, leaving your site clean and clear of debris. We guarantee incident free and complete satisfaction throughout.

Scaffolding on a building site

Common Types of Scaffolding We Use

Some of our most popular scaffolding options include:

Haki Scaffolding

Haki scaffolding is one of the more contemporary structures. It’s lighter and more versatile than other options, allowing for a range of forms for projects of all sizes and shapes.

Scaffold tower outside house

Staircase Towers

Staircase towers are used to provide safe and stable access to higher levels of a construction project. They are more suitable for situations where traditional ladders are not safe. The tower will utilise a stair treads and handrails fixed to the structure, allowing workers to safely ascend and descend the tower and reduce the risk of falls and other accidents.

scaffolding tower

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